Looking to make some improvement in your life. Whether those improvements mean getting stronger, getting fitter, improving range of motion, or healing an injury, or that you just prefer a private session, personal Coaching is a tool that you should consider.
Personal Coaching is used to give you individualized attention, programming and focus.

Here is why you should consider Personal Coaching:

Getting past the intimidation of group classes:
Some people are not fans of group classes, too many things going on a once. Personal training helps you build comfort in the gym, specifically if you are looking to eventually transition in classes.

Working YOUR weaknesses:
One on one Coaching allows us to give you specialized programming deigned just for you. Suck at cardio but your amazing at weightlifting? We can give you the attention need to improve just the aspects of fitness that you are looking for.

Improving technique and skills:
You could use your personal Coaching to simply improve your skills and technique needed to help you move even faster in a class. Spend 30min working on snatch technique, get your first few handstand push ups! We can design the programming to improve those specific pieces you are looking for.

A lot of people know that they need to stretch more, and they will do the stretches in class but either don’t know what to do above and beyond that, or don’t want to put in the time. With mobility issues, it can take forever for things to improve if your not putting in the right amount of work or useful work.

This one is huge. Signed up for a membership but show up only a few times a week. Personal Coaching can help keep you accountable, Accountable to yourself and your coach.

Goal Setting:
Working with a Coach can help your work towards achieving your goals. Want to feel good, look good, be healthier? Whatever reasons you have for training, we can make sure you get there.

Nutrition Coaching:
What you eat is SO IMPORTANT to the results you get. You can train everyday and still not get the results you are looking for until you change your diet. Learning to make lifestyle changes to your food, not going on a temporary diet, will help you get closer to those goals.

Non-CrossFit Related training:
Want to run your first marathon? Play a specific sport you want to train for? Just because we are a CrossFit gym doesn’t mean we only do CrossFit style movements. We are well educated in strength and conditioning, body building style movements, plyometrics, sport specific training and the like. We can and will use whatever tools necessary to give you the results you are looking for.