Attention runners! This message is for you!  Did you know that incorporating a well appointed strength training program to your running regiment will not only help to improve your running endeavors but also decrease your chances of injury?  CrossFit Rush has put together “RunStrong”, a 12 week strength training program specifically designed for your needs as a runner.  This program will aim to develop core stability, improve hip function and power, strengthen lower back, further improve metabolic conditioning and all this in a supportive, fun group setting.  Participants are expected to attend 2* per week; Wednesdays at 6:30 pm and Sundays at 8:30 am.  Start date is Wednesday  January 9th 2019 and ends Sunday March 31rst 2019.  The cost is $220. We look forward to assisting you reach your goals for 2019!  Registration is now open.

Continue your progress with this new addition to the RunStrong program. In part one we worked on
core stability, improving hip function and power, strengthen lower back and strengthen the running
joints. In part two, this program will continue meeting twice a week where one day will be strength training and mobility and the other day with be track session.  Track day is where you will receive coaching on running mechanics through a set of drill, and prescribed running workout designed to improve your efficiency which will get you to run faster and pain free. It will run for seven weeks from April 7th to May 22nd.  The cost is $130.
This second part is set to prepare you for the 2019 Ottawa race weekend held on May 25th.

Registration deadline is Dec 2oth.

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